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  • Town Centre
  • Walking neighborhood
  • Quaint shops and eateries within the community
  • Community gardens
  • Day dock (with boat storage)
  • Community boat launch
  • River house pavilion
  • Fire/rescue and police station within community
  • Dog park
  • Located between Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC
  • Extremely environmentally friendly
  • Large Pool Complex
  • Wellness Centre
  • Tennis facilities
  • Community kayaks, launch and storage
Location & Site Map
Why is Habersham, South Carolina so special? Because no other community in the Lowcountry is as complete and has as much to offer as Habersham. It’s pristine, private and located in the heart of South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Surrounded by warm rivers and the rich history and culture of Beaufort, South Carolina. This is as close to paradise as you can get. The pace of life in Habersham reminds you of what a small southern, coastal town should be.
Architecture & Style
Inspired by the architecture found in historic towns throughout the county, the homes of Habersham are designed with a sense of permanence. Classical detailing and proportion define this timeless architecture. One’s eyes are naturally drawn to traditional architectural elements because their shapes and forms just look better. The most critical design criteria of all Habersham homes are proper scale and proportion. This vertical sense of scale can be seen in the windows, doors and porches of all our homes. Designed with proper scale, the front porch is not only aesthetically pleasing but serves as the cornerstone in the creation of the public realm. Front porches within conversational distance to sidewalks.
Habersham has a wide variety of activities to you and your family content… From boating to Gardening there is something for everyone within Habersham. Click on the slide show to the left to learn more about our activities: Boating, Fishing, The River Cottage for family gatherings and such, community gardens, Tennis centre, The town centre and it’s many shops, Playgrounds for the children, Day dock and much more. …See just what lies in store for you.
Town Centre
The Town Centre is located at the main entrance of Habersham. As the neighborhood grows, the need for small businesses will grow as well. In planning Habersham, we designed the main entrance to include several commercial buildings. The architecture in the Town Centre will be similar to historic main street buildings found throughout the region. The buildings will define the street and include retail spaces on the first floor and office or residential spaces on the second floor. Our current roster of businesses, pictured in the lower-left frame, provide a variety of services from fine dining to interior design. Click on a shop’s logo for more information!

How to find Habersham

Habersham is just 20 minutes from I-95 and 10 minutes from Beaufort, SC. A detailed map of Habersham may be found by clicking on the map to the left.

Driving mileage to major Cities:
Atlanta 275, Augusta 100, Charlotte 220, Chicago 890, Cincinnati 630 Columbia 125, Myrtle Beach 170, New York 780, Washington 510

If You’re Flying…
Mileage to Airports:
Hilton Head 25
Charleston 65
Savannah 35